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    The duration of undergraduate studies in Business Management is 3 years or a total of 6 semesters.

  • 180 ECTS

    By completing the study program, you acquire 180 ECTS credits.


    The name of the diploma is: Graduated Business Manager, and it is recognized throughout Europe and the world!


    More than 100 days of internship in real companies and work on real projects!


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Undergraduate studies (3 years) in business management are intended for all those who see themselves in a managerial position or plan to establish their own business and be "their own boss". The studies are a combination of theoretic lectures and practice in companies in order for our graduates to be ready for work from the first working day - READY FROM DAY ONE! During the studies, there are more than 100 days of internship in real companies

Throughout the study program, students will successfully learn to: plan, organize, delegate and control processes, activities and people. In addition, they will develop their skills for: research and analysis, presentation, communication, conflict resolution, sales, etc., which are mandatory for success in management.

Teaching for full-time students takes place in small groups (up to 18 students), and the schedule is such that one subject is covered in one day. In addition to this, the coursework is not a classic theoretical lecture by the professor, but each class day includes case studies, teamwork and presentations, so that the teaching is maximally interactive. Part-time students also attend classes (in the afternoon), and each subject has 3 key activities, namely: 5 lectures per subject, drafting a project report and a final exam.

After successful completion of the study program the diploma awarded is graduated business manager (Bachelor of arts in business management)




Pay off tuition at your own pace. Up to 36 monthly installments in an internal agreement with BAS. No banks, no interest and no restrictive conditionals. Follow us constantly for current promotions or scholarship calls!

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The full amount for studying is €1300 per year or a total of €3900 for three years. These amounts do not include the various discounts based on transfer, current promotions or scholarships.


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BAS grants up to a 10% discount for paying the entire tuition fee in full.


Undergraduate and Postgraduate Package!
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The study program of Business Management is 3 (three) years long, divided into 6 (six) semesters. The study program is accredited at 180 ECTS credits. Each year of the study program grants 60 ECTS credits.

The study program is composed of 25 courses. Each subject of the study program is valued with a certain number of ECTS credits. The study program contains mandatory and elective courses. The mandatory subjects of the study program are from the relevant field. Students choose elective courses from the list of elective courses of the study program or from the offered elective modules.

Pursuant to Article 139 paragraph 6 of the Law on Higher Education (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia No. 82/18), elective courses constitute at least 10% and at most 30% of the ECTS credits in the study program. In the Business Management study program of the first cycle of studies at the BAS, the optional subjects make up 27.22% of the number of ECTS credits in the study program. In other words, within the three years of Business Management studies, students have the chance to choose 7 subjects of their choice.

By completing each semester, a total of 30 ECTS credits are acquired, which means that an equal workload is achieved within each semester and each academic year. At the end of each study year, a total of 60 ECTS credits are acquired. By completing the entire study program, a total of 180 ECTS credits and a professional title are acquired: graduated business manager (Bachelor of arts in business management)