For "stuck" students in other faculties.

  • HOW?

    Submit transfer request with proper documentation and we'll take over.

  • BONUS!

    For any transferred ECTS you receive tuition fee discount accordingly

The practical application of the Bologna credit transfer system, which is applied in higher education in Macedonia, is that it allows the transfer of already earned ECTS credits from one higher education institution to another in related programs. What exactly does this mean?

If you have studied or are currently studying at another faculty and for any reason you want to transfer, the ECTS credit transfer system allows you to do so. All you have to do is send the certificate of passed subjects to our service. The BAS transfer committee will review the certificate and, based on the similarity of the passed subjects with the subjects from our study program, will decide which subjects will be recognized by BAS.

The amount of the tuition fee is determined based on the recognized ECTS from the other higher education institution, i.e. recognized ECTS are deducted from tuition fees.

Send your transcript of records at

Prof. Cvetko Smilevski Ph.D.

Co-founder of BAS

The study programs in BAS reflects the modern need for professional, highly skilled and dedicated management staff. The academic community of BAS has been working for many years in the field of training and providing managerial staff for the needs of Macedonian organizations.