Distance studies

Distance studies at BAS are intended for all those who, for justified reasons, cannot attend classes regularly. They are intended for people who: work in shifts; who often travel, work abroad or have certain health problems that prevent them from regularly attending classes.

Distance learning students have the status of part-time students who have to prove their reasons due to any of the above reasons with an appropriate document.

In terms of teaching, students receive all the teaching materials for the specific course, prepare independently for the exam and as soon as they are ready, proceed to take the exam. If necessary, an online consultation meeting with the respective professor is also scheduled.

Distance studies coordinator manages and supervises the whole process.

Prof. Cvetko Smilevski Ph.D.

Co-founder of BAS

The study programs in BAS reflects the modern need for professional, highly skilled and dedicated management staff. The academic community of BAS has been working for many years in the field of training and providing managerial staff for the needs of Macedonian organizations.