BAS Story

Modern and professional management studies!

About BAS

The story of BAS begins quite before the official foundation in 2007. Professor Cvetko Smilevski, who has dedicated his life to education, have felt that it is time to put all his professional experience and wisdom into a contemporary and modern academy which will offer a revolution in studying, further bridging all gaps of the almost obsolete higher education system. With that inspiration, on a nice evening walk with his son, Gorazd Smilevski, the decision to establish the vocational management studies is born! The third integral part of the founding trio, Cena Smilevska has given this idea the name that we're all proud of today - the BUSINESS ACADEMY SMILEVSKI. Business Academy Smilevski - BAS.

BAS is formally established in 2007, with obtained work permit and national educational accreditation. One year later, after a broad teaching staff recruitment and training process, BAS has enrolled its first students on the study program: Operations management.

Currently, BAS offers three study programs:

All study programs are being taught at our two locations in Skopje in Bitola.




Our mission is the creation of managers ready to work from day one!

Our mission is fulfilled through few principles which guide everything we do:

  • An individual approach to the development of each student
  • Continuous cooperation with the business sector
  • Maximizing the potential of each student
  • Human approach with understanding and empathy
  • Institutional support in employment
  • We are all like one big family
  • Transparent communication and fair-play with students


If something can be said about what our students get, which at the same time, separates us from the competition, we can say the following:

  • Contemporary and modern education
  • Theory and Practice combined!
  • Small student groups
  • Integration of lectures + practical exercises
  • A subject a day
  • Expert lectures by experienced managers
  • BAS Mentors
  • Great employability
  • Potential for sub-modules of choice
  • Recognized diploma in the world
  • Study visits and a semester abroad through Erasmus+
  • Distance studies
  • Flexible and unique part-time students studying
  • Study fees in installments
  • Competitive prices
  • Digitized study materials (MOODLE portal)
  • Availability of staff and teachers
  • Integrated study program (3+1)
  • Teamwork and cooperation focus
  • Case studies within each subject

If we had to introduce ourselves in one sentence, we would say that we are an institution that recognizes the potential of individuals and works to maximize its use.