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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Price of studying?

BAS offers one-price-for-all type of payment for all the study programs. Accordingly, the full price for one study year for the undergraduate studies is 1300EUR, and the full program is 3900EUR. Only additional expense is the admission fee payable upon enrollment in the amount of 200EUR. The graduate program is 1500EUR.

Can I pay the fee in installments?

In a mutual agreement with BAS, the total tuition with calculated promotions and discounts can be divided into installments according to the student's wishes. The number of installments should not exceed the number of months of study, ie 36 installments. Additional: Especially for our students, BAS in cooperation with Capital Bank has created a credit line, where the total tuition can be divided up to 48 installments. Further information at or at 02/ 2455 754.

How long do the studies last?

Undergraduate studies have a duration of three years or six semesters, while postgraduate studies have a duration of one year, that is, 2 semesters.

When can I enroll?

Enrollment and admission of students in BAS lasts throughout the year, before the beginning of the school year.

Where are you located?

BAS operates in two locations across R.S. Macedonia, in Skopje and Bitola. The location in Skopje is located at the address bul. Jane Sandanski 111/2, in the Aerodrom neighborhood (above the VERO supermarket). In Bitola, the location is at 6 Herceg Novi Street in the Dovledzik neighborhood.

Does BAS use online study tools?

BAS has been using online study tools (Moodle) for more than a decade. All materials, exams, project assignments, presentations and books are available 24/7 on the BAS portal.

Can I study at a distance?

Do you live abroad or far from Skopje or Bitola, or do you have non-standard working hours? BAS offers distance learning for these cases. Write to us for more information and the conditions for realizing distance learning. Read more here

Do you accept ECTS transfer students?

BAS accepts students from other higher education institutions through ECTS transfer. According to the law on higher education, a candidate can transfer up to 50% of ECTS acquired in the context of the program to which the transfer is made. Read more here