Management is a craft like any other and is best learned through practice. The study programs are designed in such a way that during the entire course of study, our students do a programmed internship. In general, students are engaged in one of three forms of learning: observation, assisted work, independent work. Naturally, at the beginning of the studies, the involvement is more through observation and helping, and as the students get closer to the end, the focus of practical teaching is on independent work.


The internships are realized with collaboration of partner organizations (PO) with which we have signed cooperation agreements. In the PO we have provided mentors who take care of the overall practice by organizing the students' practice throughout the PO and monitoring their progress.

On the part of BAS, the entire process is entrusted to the TSP Coordinator, whose task is to find new partner organizations, organize the entire internship and monitor the progress.

The only obligation the student has in relation to the internship is to be regular at the meetings and to complete the obligations given to him by the mentor.

The Career Center is another department in BAS that we created according to the needs of students. The center works according to an established annual program, and the goal is to provide students with additional knowledge, information and contacts that are not covered through teaching or practice. The most common activities that we have in the career center are: trainings on specific topics related to the professional and personal development of students; lectures by prominent experts-managers; debates on relevant topics, etc. The Career Center is managed by the TSP Coordinator.

Some of the BAS partner organizations:

Some of the BAS partner organizations: