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ЕRASMUS Policy statement

International (EU and non-EU) strategy

According to the fundamental principles of the European Commission on the higher education, our institution will consequently promote total its engagement for a new quality in higher education, to get good professionals and European citizens. In accordance with our strategic objectives on the promotion of the growth, transfer and application of knowledge we aim to improve the quality, competitiveness and European dimension of our educational range, to develops its lifelong learning strategies and to integrate our institution in its training,research and educational system.

A | We are interested to cooperate with the higher institutions from Europe which have the common or similar field study with us - Operations management - for undergraduates and Strategic management - for postgraduate studies.

B | We are interested to cooperate with the higher institutions from Europe (preferable close to MK), but we don't promote any discrimination criteria in choosing the partners.

C | Student mobilitiy activities will involve the students in the 2 cycles (bachelor and master). The main objectives of this kind of mobility will be according to the recommendation of European Commission: to use experience of learning in the European universities to improve the level of education, language and culture knowledge; to promote cooperation between partners and to create an European educational environment; to have a great contribution to the development of a pool of well qualified, open-minded and international experience future professionals.

The second target group in mobility activities is teaching staff. Their objectives are in accordance with European Commission recommendations: to develop an exchange system between partner institutions to enlarge and enrich "the range and content of courses they offer"; to share new knowledge and teaching methods of invited staff to the students and other participants which do not participate in Erasmus mobility; to create or to extend the cooperation links "between higher education institution and our partner companies; to motivate and encourage the students and staff to participate in Erasmus Programme.

The third target group participating in Erasmus mobility is administrative staff. The major objective of this activity are following: to improve the knowledge and specific knew-how of the staff, according to the experiences, good practices and practical skills from host universities; to participate in building up an efficient system for a good cooperation between all involved parties· to stimulate and encouraqe the students and staff to be involved in Erasmus Proqramme

Strategy for the organisation and implementation of international (EU and non-EU) cooperation projects within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme.

We expect that via the international cooperation projects we will significantly enhance quality of the process of teaching, training and education of our students via knowledge exchange since the continued improvement is out key goal. International cooperation is an excellent opportunity for our institution to exchange experiences in these activities with other universities eligible for this program. In our strategy is to have such cooperation projects on teaching and research with the universities from Europe.Up to now, we have established cooperation with 13 higher institutions form program and partner companies.

The objectives are: to increase number of the cooperation projects whenever it is possible as to support our academic staff in their teaching and research endeavors. The end beneficiaries are to be students that will learn from their excellent teachers.

Expected impact of your participation in the Erasmus+ Programme on the modernisation of your institution.

We expect that the graduate and research participants (incoming and outgoing) will have chance to improve their skills, abilities and knowledge since they will receive new information, become familiar with different practices, and activities during the stay and visits. That will enable the participants to critically select the best ways in realization of their activities in the future. We expect information that the staff will gain insight of the possible needs in modification of our curricula to current and emerging labour market needs. Via that change we can provide out institution to strengthen the students employability and entrepreneurship in future. We also are interested in getting more familiar will eLearning and blended learning experiences for other institutions.

We believe that our students and academic staff can contribute in developing new forms of cross-border cooperation whenever there possibility of involvement in various research designs of projects and their implementation according their skills, abilities, knowledge and aptitude. It is important to be stated that the provided financial support will enable the talented students and academics to participate the mobility cross-border co-operation easier.

We believe that with using that gained knowledge and experience of the participants (incoming and outgoing) we can improve our cooperation with the partner companies (business and public). That cooperation can contribute to the economic development. We believe that with using that gained knowledge and experience of the participants (incoming and outgoing) we can improve our awareness of alternative sources of funding public or private. And we will be more efficient in oroiectinq the hiaher education and research cost in future.

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